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COVID-19 and your business...

2020 came with a new challenge for all businesses in every industry, we all are adjusting to the new 'norm' and properly follow the guidelines, policies and procedures to promote a healthy and safe work environment. We are aware some businesses had to close down, while others remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there are still a lot of unanswered questions for local business owners we have also are learning a lot about the COVID-19 virus and ways to help protect our workplace. Whether you are an existing customer or currently searching for a commercial cleaner/janitorial services for your facility to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures are taking place, Task Tacklers LLC is here and will continue to provide detailed cleaning procedures and practices with the commercial grade, EPA recommended products to help disinfect your place of business from COVID-19 along with providing the same thorough cleaning services as always! 

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​​We have updated our policy's and procedures

Task Tacklers LLC. is helping our customers by including EPA Approved Disinfectants that are proven to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and disinfecting each of our customers business every scheduled cleaning for no additional cost to our customers, even before COVID-19 was discovered, our disinfectants are hospital grade chemicals that kills germs and viruses such as HIV, SARS and Ebola, when the list of approved disinfectants was released by the EPA, the products we already carried were on the list. Task Tacklers LLC. has added the recommended PPE (personal protective equipment) that is available for our staff to provide further contamination or spreading the COVID-19 virus to other customers or throughout our community. It is mandatory that every employee wear PPE at every facility. We are treating every area as if it was contaminated with COVID-19. Additionally, each staff member has been properly trained and recently updated on how to help prevent contamination by properly disinfecting high touch areas recommended by the manufacturer based on the type of surface and length of time, along with protecting themselves from the COVID-19 virus. Lastly, if any of our staff becomes ill, they are to report the information to their supervisor, stay home and self quarantine while monitoring their symptoms. The service area where they worked prior to their illness will be notified of the employees illness and updated as needed. All employees have signed an Agreement to follow the CDC's guidelines regarding social distancing. Our customers and community's health and safety are a top priority for Task Tacklers LLC., we understand our role as an essential business to help promote a safe workplace not only for our staff but for our customers as well, which is why these guidelines are being monitored and strictly enforced. Furthermore, as we have in the past, the same cleaner/crew will continue to serve their designated facilities to ensure we maintain as small of a cluster of people being exposed to others as possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our policies then please don't hesitate to contact us at (614)736-1600 or email us at  

As Task Tacklers LLC. continues to take every precaution to ensure we are doing our part to protect our staff, customers and community, we want our customers to focus on protecting their workspace while they are there and remember simple guidelines to help reduce the risk of infections to others by washing your hands, promoting social distancing for your employees, cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow/shirt and don't allow employees who are sick to come into work. We also have left EPA recommended disinfectants at every facility and want our customers to know they are available for you to use throughout the day if needed or wanted. Providing the proper equipment/supplies and following the CDC's recommended guidelines we can help lower the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic if we all do our part!

If you are looking for a quote for cleaning services that provide cleaning/janitorial services and the facility that offers disinfecting the premises from COVID-19 and you're located in or around Columbus, OH please feel free to contact Task Tacklers LLC directly at (614)736-1600 or email for a free quote.

Below are links to our recommended government agency's regarding information on COVID-19


If you have any questions or concerns on the proper way to disinfect and protect yourself and co-workers against COVID-19, please visit:

To review an updated list of EPA Approved Disinfectants to help protect your workplace from the spread of COVID-19 please visit:

For general information on COVID-19 please visit: